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William B. Braswell 1863 - 1944

Gary Cooper writes:

Hello everyone who is researching a surname that starts with "B-R-A" or
maybe even "B-R-E" and rhymes with "dazzle".

I realize the person I'm researching is probably not a BRACEWELL or a
BRASWELL, and per sketchy DNA testing, he might be a BRAZEAL or a BREAZEALE.

I'm hoping some of you may have found some other lines while researching
your own that may help me, though proved useless for you.

I have been up against the most exasperating brickwall, and it is so recent
in history that it is baffling. I'm trying to find the parents of one
William B. BRAZEL, born 1863 or 1864 (maybe in Georgia), and died 1944 in
Calhoun County, GA, but lived in Randolph and Terrell Counties in GA. He
also had ties with Coffee Co., Alabama, and some of his children lived in
and around Holmes County, FL for a while. I simply cannot connect him with
his parents. His death certificate lists Mark BRAZEL as his father, but I
can't seem to find a public record that confirms that, or lists his mothers
name. He was married date unknown to Ida JONES (b. June 1867 and d. between 1910
and 1930.) They were estranged as shown in the 1930 census record I
mentioned below.

Below are some Census Records I HAVE found:

1880, Calhoun County, Ga., District 1123
BRAZIL, William H. (?) age 17, living in Wilkinson household as laborer
(This may or may not be our William.)

1900, Calhoun County, Ga., District 1123
BRAZWELL, Will, age 34, b. Aug, 1865, married 15 yrs., Farmer
Ida, age 31, b. June 1867
Susie,age 14, b. Sept 1885, In School
Guss, age 12, b. Nov. 1888, In School
Benn, age 8, b. Aug 1891 (?), In School
Allen, age 6, b. May 1894 (?)

1910, Calhoun County, GA., District 1123
BRAZZEL, Will,age 50 (?), married 27 yrs., Farmer
Ida, age 41
Benn, age 15
Als (?), age 14

In the 1930 Randolph Co., GA Census, he appears as a widower, and a boarder
in the home of Mrs. Willie Hooks and family. He is listed as having been born
in GA. His death certificate lists his father's name as something that looks
like Mark (? nearly illegible) but could be Mack, etc, ... Brazel.

William and Ida's children:
Susie Brazel, b. 1885, m. unknown, d. unknown
Gus Brazel, b. 1888 d. date unknown, married to Willie Bascome Perkins
Aubary Gus Brazel is their eldest child.
Ben B. Brazel, b. 1896, d. 1963, married date unknown to Sarah Elizabeth
"Lizzie" Yelverton.
Allen Brazel, b. May 1897. d. (murdered) December 1925, married Pearlie Mae

I'm pretty sure they were all born in Georgia, but Coffee County , AL keeps
coming up in their life too.

Ben stayed in Georgia
Gus went to Sante Fe, New Mexico after WWI
Allen moved to Holmes Couinty FL and the Largo, FL area, and died in 1925.

Ben B. and Lizzie Yelverton Brazel's children:
Kenneth, b. 1915, d. 1999, married Mildred _______
Walter James, b. 1920, d. 198?, married Eugenia ________
W. B. (that was his name, just initials!), never married
Benjamin, Jr., b. 1918, d. 1987, married Eunice Shattles
Raz Warren, b. 1923, d. 1979, married Janet Alcyon Nichols
(these are my wife, Christie's parents)
Charles Lee, b. ? d. 2001, married Rebecca (Beck, Becky) Conley
Geraldine, b. ?, living, married Eugene Kierce
There may have been another son that died an infant, b. ?, Evon James (?)

Nothing I have found so far ties this family into other Brazels.

Other Brazels found in 1850 Randolph Co., GA census is Precilla and Alsey
(2)different households).

Valentine Brazel is found in Stewart Co., GA History (a neighboring county).
I believe he has turned out to be a Bracewell or Braswell.

Any little tidbit no matter how insignificant it may seem will be



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My mother Myrtle Lee Braswell, daughter of Thomas Warren BRASWELL and Irene Virginia LYNCH who was son of Warren David BRASWELL who married Margaret F. MOORE.

He was the son of Jesse BRASWELL Jr.¸ who married Winifred Nanny in 1810.

His father was Jesse BRASWELL Sr., but it has not been established who his mother was.

Some think she was Lucy CONAN.

My mother married Thomas Baker Chavis from South Carolina.

My name is Margaret Marie (Chavis) Podlewski of Hopewell, Virginia 23860

James BRACEWELL of Gwinnett Co., Georgia

Seeking descendants of James BRACEWELL of Gwinnett Co., Georgia, born ca. 1794, died ca. 1875, father ofL

William Butler
James Riley
Nancy Jane
Julia Ann
Sarah A.
Richard W.
Frances E.
Samuel T.
Henry Harrison
Lucinda Caroline
Epsie Angeline

Ms. Jane Strickland of Gainesville, GA

David Braswell b. 1816 Georgia

I am searching for the antecedents of my great grandfather, DAVID BRASELL, b. 1816, Georgia, d. 1864, a resident of Panola Co. Mississippi.

My search has led to his wife's family the NICKLE of Laurens Co. South Carolina. Her name was Keturah and she was the daughter of Robert NICKLE and Jane SIMPSON. Her first child was born in Mississippi November 18,1840.

Robert was on the 1840 Lafayette Co. Mississippi census as being a neighbor of David BRASEL, who was not my great-grandfather, he being 50‑60 years of age.

My great grandfather appeared on the 1850 Panola Co. Mississippi census at a location only three miles by road west of Robert's 1840 location.

Another one of Robert's daughters married James F. SIMPSON who was on the Shelby Co. Alabama census of 1830.

There were other NICKLEs in Shelby County at the time, namely Thomas and Martha.

I assume that Thomas was Robert's brother, Martha a sister‑in‑law, mother, or sister. James was the administrator of my great-grandfather’s estate. There were BRASWELLs living in the surrounding counties to Shelby Alabama in 1830 and the name is still viable in this location today.

Members of these three families, BRASELL, NICKLE, and SIMPSON still live in Panola Co. Mississippi, having moved to this vicinity between 1830‑45.

My problem persists in trying to find David’s birthplace in Georgia along with his parents names and origin. I would be very grateful for any clue sent my way.

Thank you. Newt. Hanson of Diamondhead, MS

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Priscilla & Kindred Braswell

I have been trying to find out more information on a Priscilla Braswell born 1817. She had 9 childred one of which is my GGgrandfather Kindred, who is buried at Salem Seminole Cementery in Decatur GA.

The problem I am having is that the family records show that this Priscilla Braswell was born in 1797 and her children are the children of Jacob Johnston, which I believe is incorrect due to the fact that if it was true, her youngest child Mary Prisilla would have been born when Pricilla was 62.

You can find the census here showing her and the 9 children on the Randolph county 1860 census.

Kindred moved to Decatur between 1860-1900 and married Mary Katherine Faircloth. If you could would you please help me find out if Kindred was illegimate or which Braswell was his father?

Thanks Michele Kohler

Braswell and Jackson Families: Arkansas

I need help with my BRASWELL family. It just seems funny that nobody has mentioned having three Braswell sisters marry three Jackson brothers.

My Grandfather: Louis Andrew JACKSON Jr.
b: May 3, 1917 Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
d: Jan. 20, 2005 VA Hospital, Little Rock, AR
m: Oct. 1, 1948 Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
b: Jackson Cemetery, Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
Wife: Lola Dee BAYLISS Jackson
b: Oct. 12, 1914 , Jefferson Co; Pine Bluff, AR

My Great Grandmother: Katie Braswell
b: May 23, 1879 MS
d: Aug. 10, 1955 Grant Co: Sheridan, AR
m: May 6, 1894 Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
b: Jackson Cemetery, Grant Co; Sheridan, AR

Husband: Louis Andrew JACKSON Sr.
b: Aug. 13, 1870 Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
d: May 12, 1945 Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
b: Jackson Cemetery, Grant Co; Sheridan, AR

My GGreat Grandfather: Thomas Jefferson BRASWELL
b: abt 1849 TN
d: abt. 1931 Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
b: Providence Cemetery, Grant Co; AR
1st Wife to Thomas: Elizabeth Litesy
b:abt. 1853 MS
d: abt. 1878 Panola Co; MS

Daughter: Avery BRASWELL
b: Dec. 31, 1873 TN
d: Oct. 29, 1933 Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
Husband: William Thomas JACKSON
b: Sept. 13, 1868 Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
Aug. 8, 1942 Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
both buried at Providence Cemetery, Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
2nd Wife to Thomas: Sally MEEKS
b: Aug 10, 1848
d: Nov. 6, 1892 Grant Co; Sheridan, AR

Daughter: Allie BRASWELL
b: April 13, 1882 Grant CO; Sheridan, AR
d: June 25, 1962 Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
Husband: John Lee JACKSON
b: July 3, 1886 Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
d: June 11, 1943 Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
both buried at Providence Cemetery, Grant Co; Sheridan, AR

Daughter: Katie BRASWELL (same as above)
3rd Wife to Thomas: Sarah WEAVER
b: abt. 1844 AL
d: abt. 1925 Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
My GGGreat Grandfather: Marcus Pettigrew BRASWELL
b: abt. 1818 VA
d: abt. 1879 MS
m: July 14, 1846 TN
Wife: Sarah NELSON
b: abt. 1818 AL
d: abt. 1860 MS

I believe Marcus had two other wives . (Martha Ann Redditt) & (Magaret Patterson).

Katie, Allie, and Avery BRASWELL are sisters who married three JACKSON brothers.

Louis, William, and John Jackson are brothers. Their parents are as follows:

b: abt. 1839 AL
d. Dec. 1, 1921 Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
Mary Elizabeth WEAVER
b: abt. 1847 AL
d: unknown date Grant Co; Sheridan, AR
both are buried at Jackson Cemetery, Grant Co; Sheridan, AR

Thank you,

DeeAnna Funderburg

Wife of a Marine

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