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Looking for info on Jessee L. Braswell (b 1806 NC/d before 1860 AL?). First wife was Mary Hughes and they had a son Miles Green Braswell.

Are these Braswells in any of your research?

Have only spent a little time on this family which were my mother-in-law's ancestors and she has now passed on.

Thank you for any guidance you may provide.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

William Sampson Braswell 1835-1870/80

Anyone connected to or with knowledge about these families PLEASE contact Diana at or respond to this post. Thanks.

William Sampson BRASWELL, born about 1835/1838, parents unknown at this time.
1850 DeKalb County Census (District 15)
Enumerated as Sampson BRASWELL, age 14, living in household of David Taylor and Elizabeth (Allen) Taylor; and Sampson was attending school.
District 9 (1850)
Enumerated as Harriett Sadler/Wade, age 10, living in household of Plummer H. Wade and Susan (Driver) Wade; Harriett is illegitimate child of Plummer; Harrietts dob 01/10/1841; Susan is step-mother. Plummer has two other children at this time Mary Ann Wade and James Hampton Wade
Plummer H. Wade last will and testament; appoints P. M. Wade executor of his will; signed10/11/1853; names Harriett Wade or Sadler as illegitimate child along with daughter Mary Ann Wade and James Hampton Wade and one unborn child. Plummer Wade dod 10/13/1853. P. M. Wade appointed executor. 12/11/1855 account of Plummer Wade sale by P. M. Wade; Wm. W. Wade, Guardian of Harriett.
Sampson Braswell to Harriett Wade or Harriett Sadler issued 12/25/1858 (marriage)
1860 DeKalb Co. TN Census District 15 Temperance Hall
William S. Braswell 22
Harriett Braswell 20
George Braswell 10/12
1870 Obion Co. TN Census
Sampson Braswell 32
Harriett Braswell 30
Eliza 8
William 3
Mary Elizabeth 7/12 [Diana's gggrandmother]
1880 Wilson Co. Census (district 14)
Harriet Braswell 40 widowed; son Josephus 8; living next door to J. W. HAYES and Elizabeth as a boarder and house help
1900 Wilson Co. Census (district 14)
Harriett Braswell 60; living in household with J. W. HAYES and Lizzie; also a THOMAS KNIGHT age 16 listed as ward born 09/1883. Harriett said to have had five children with 3 living.
1910 Wilson Co. Census (District 14)
Harriett Braswell 70 living in the household with J.W. HAYES, wife Elizabeth, son Claud H age 32 widowed and grandson Clide age 3; Lula DODD, cook for private family.
Joe Braswell age 35/38?; wife Zoe age 33, son Byron E? age 11 and Franklin H age 8; living nearby. (Harrietts son)
STATE OF TENNESSEE DEATH CERTIFICATE Harriett Wade Braswell, dob 01/10/1841; dod 08/14/1917. She is buried in the Prosperity Cemetery where J. W. Hayes and Elizabeth are buried.
1920 DeKalb Co. Census (district 1) Alexandria, TN
Joe Braswell 40
Zoe 43
Hue 17 son
Byron 20 son
Millie 19 daughter-in-law
Martha 4/12 granddaughter

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Braswells in the Mexican War

From Marilyn:

Capt Louis Dicken Wilson below was the greatgrandson of Rebecca Braswell and William Willson. (Louis D Wilson died of dysentery at Vera Cruz and is buried on the town square in Tarboro. After his death, the new county of Wilson, NC was named for him.)

One would wonder if such a large cadre of Braswell volunteers had something to do with their cousin being the recruiter.

Do you know what any of the middle names were? I am especially interested in Bryant W , Joel D, Joseph L, and Willie/Wiley C.

Rebecca was dau Richard II and Eleanor per many indirect records including one land record which gave credit to the Patent in Rebecca's name to Richard Braswell.

Which, if any of these Braswell soldiers were from the Richard-Eleanor line?

MEXICAN WAR 1846-1848


Benjamin C. Pvt Trp A 3d Regt of US Dragoons Edgecombe 1

Benj. G. Braswell Sgt. Co. A 1st Regt of NC Foot Volunteers Edgecombe 1

Bryant W. Braswell Pvt Trp A 3d Regt of US Dragoons Edgecombe 1

Henry Braswell Pvt Co. C 1st Regt of NC Foot Volunteers Edgecombe Died 1

James Brazell Co. G 1st Pennsylvania Infantry 2

Joel D. Braswell Pvt Co. A 1st Regt of NC Foot Volunteers Edgecombe Died 1

Joseph L. Braswell Pvt Co. A 1st Regt of NC Foot Volunteers Edgecombe See below 1

Wilie C. Braswell Pvt. Co. A 1st Regt of NC Foot Volunteers Edgecombe 1

Co. A, First Regiment of Foot Volunteers.
This company, Captain Oel Alfred Buck's, was organized by Captain Louis d. Wilson, at Tarboro, in the month of December 1846, was called into service of the United States at Wilmington on the 8th day of january, 1847 and was honorably discharged at Fort Monroe, Virginia, on the 28th day of july, 1848.

Muster-out roll certified by J.B. Walback, Colonel, 4th Artillery, mustering officer and Oel Alfred Buck, Captain, commanding the company.

REFERENCES:1. Prepared by authority of the legislature of 1887 by BG Johnstone Jones, AG of the state of NC.

Copied and indexed by William R. Navey Jr.

2. Index to compiled Service Records of Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the Mexican War (National Archives).

Friday, November 9, 2007

Rebecca Braswell

I would appreciate hearing from any list member with data relating to the following individual:

Birth Name: Rebecca Braswell
Date Born: 1941
Date of Death: July 29, 1990
Place of Death: Savannah, Georgia

Thank you

B Petere-mail address:

Sunday, November 4, 2007

James Braswell of Macon, Georgia

My name is Gwen Walton. My paternal Grandmother was Jimmie Braswell from Macon, GA. She died sometime around 1940. Her father was James Braswell. James Braswell had four daughters. He owned a barber shop in Macon, GA. Can you help me with my family tree? I would like to meet other Braswell family members. Please share any information that you may have regarding the Braswells of Macon, GA. Thank you.

Gwen Walton


Anonymous said...
I have not come down that far, but my ggg-gm appears to be Lurana Braswell who moved to Macon, Ga. from NC in the 1820s or so. She and her brother Jacob were orphans.

A journal from another researcher supposedly links the Braswell/Kitchens lines, but I've yet to see it. The circumstancial evidence seems to fit what I already knew.

There is also a Duke W. Braswell who came at the same time. and is slightly older. Probably their older brother.

One of my known descendants of Lurana named their child "Duke W." as well, so that helps tie things together.

Feel free to email me at and I will share what else I know. Like I said, I've only come by this Braswell connection recently and have not invested much time coming down with the other lines until I'm sure.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

William B. Braswell 1863 - 1944

Gary Cooper writes:

Hello everyone who is researching a surname that starts with "B-R-A" or
maybe even "B-R-E" and rhymes with "dazzle".

I realize the person I'm researching is probably not a BRACEWELL or a
BRASWELL, and per sketchy DNA testing, he might be a BRAZEAL or a BREAZEALE.

I'm hoping some of you may have found some other lines while researching
your own that may help me, though proved useless for you.

I have been up against the most exasperating brickwall, and it is so recent
in history that it is baffling. I'm trying to find the parents of one
William B. BRAZEL, born 1863 or 1864 (maybe in Georgia), and died 1944 in
Calhoun County, GA, but lived in Randolph and Terrell Counties in GA. He
also had ties with Coffee Co., Alabama, and some of his children lived in
and around Holmes County, FL for a while. I simply cannot connect him with
his parents. His death certificate lists Mark BRAZEL as his father, but I
can't seem to find a public record that confirms that, or lists his mothers
name. He was married date unknown to Ida JONES (b. June 1867 and d. between 1910
and 1930.) They were estranged as shown in the 1930 census record I
mentioned below.

Below are some Census Records I HAVE found:

1880, Calhoun County, Ga., District 1123
BRAZIL, William H. (?) age 17, living in Wilkinson household as laborer
(This may or may not be our William.)

1900, Calhoun County, Ga., District 1123
BRAZWELL, Will, age 34, b. Aug, 1865, married 15 yrs., Farmer
Ida, age 31, b. June 1867
Susie,age 14, b. Sept 1885, In School
Guss, age 12, b. Nov. 1888, In School
Benn, age 8, b. Aug 1891 (?), In School
Allen, age 6, b. May 1894 (?)

1910, Calhoun County, GA., District 1123
BRAZZEL, Will,age 50 (?), married 27 yrs., Farmer
Ida, age 41
Benn, age 15
Als (?), age 14

In the 1930 Randolph Co., GA Census, he appears as a widower, and a boarder
in the home of Mrs. Willie Hooks and family. He is listed as having been born
in GA. His death certificate lists his father's name as something that looks
like Mark (? nearly illegible) but could be Mack, etc, ... Brazel.

William and Ida's children:
Susie Brazel, b. 1885, m. unknown, d. unknown
Gus Brazel, b. 1888 d. date unknown, married to Willie Bascome Perkins
Aubary Gus Brazel is their eldest child.
Ben B. Brazel, b. 1896, d. 1963, married date unknown to Sarah Elizabeth
"Lizzie" Yelverton.
Allen Brazel, b. May 1897. d. (murdered) December 1925, married Pearlie Mae

I'm pretty sure they were all born in Georgia, but Coffee County , AL keeps
coming up in their life too.

Ben stayed in Georgia
Gus went to Sante Fe, New Mexico after WWI
Allen moved to Holmes Couinty FL and the Largo, FL area, and died in 1925.

Ben B. and Lizzie Yelverton Brazel's children:
Kenneth, b. 1915, d. 1999, married Mildred _______
Walter James, b. 1920, d. 198?, married Eugenia ________
W. B. (that was his name, just initials!), never married
Benjamin, Jr., b. 1918, d. 1987, married Eunice Shattles
Raz Warren, b. 1923, d. 1979, married Janet Alcyon Nichols
(these are my wife, Christie's parents)
Charles Lee, b. ? d. 2001, married Rebecca (Beck, Becky) Conley
Geraldine, b. ?, living, married Eugene Kierce
There may have been another son that died an infant, b. ?, Evon James (?)

Nothing I have found so far ties this family into other Brazels.

Other Brazels found in 1850 Randolph Co., GA census is Precilla and Alsey
(2)different households).

Valentine Brazel is found in Stewart Co., GA History (a neighboring county).
I believe he has turned out to be a Bracewell or Braswell.

Any little tidbit no matter how insignificant it may seem will be



Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My mother Myrtle Lee Braswell, daughter of Thomas Warren BRASWELL and Irene Virginia LYNCH who was son of Warren David BRASWELL who married Margaret F. MOORE.

He was the son of Jesse BRASWELL Jr.¸ who married Winifred Nanny in 1810.

His father was Jesse BRASWELL Sr., but it has not been established who his mother was.

Some think she was Lucy CONAN.

My mother married Thomas Baker Chavis from South Carolina.

My name is Margaret Marie (Chavis) Podlewski of Hopewell, Virginia 23860